Our Responsibility

A very Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s begin this year with a different note. You all must seen the advertisement which is now days coming in the television about ” our responsibility”. Delhi, at present is in a condition, where breathing fresh air has become a task. People need to wear masks or keep in home air purifiers. The cases of patients suffering from, breathing problems are increasing day by day. The condition is worsening day
by day.
Now comes the big question? How we young adults can contribute to bring a change in this condition. Though Delhi is thousands of kilometres away from us, but with simple gestures we can start working for a better future as the day is not far that similar condition can be of our’s as well.
We are the future of this fast developing nation. Hence, “our responsibility” becomes more. This is one of the ways by which we can develop our ability to be responsible, and transfer it to other life aspects as well. I agree, it requires a lot of efforts, and the road s not smooth but ultimately the feeling it carries with it is priceless. Some of the ways by which we can develop our “being responsible attitude “are:-
Ensuring not only us, but our friends also limit the use of plastic.
If possible cycle more, to nearby places.
Use more of LED lights.
Switch off the lights whenever you leave a place.
Ensure that wet and dry wastes are separated.
At least grow one plant and take care of it.
Though these things are being shared to us by our parents, teachers and elders but we somehow don’t reach the level of fulfilling this responsibility. Ultimately it is us who are going to lead this world at we should make it a better place to live!
(M.Sc. in Child Development from D.U.)

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