Day before yesterday while going through the news paper, I encountered a new word “conscientious”.June 15, 2019

Day before yesterday while going through the news paper, I encountered a new word “conscientious”. Never hears it before, I approached “Google Baba” for help and found it means to be industrious, hard-working, comfort-zone challenger. I quickly starting analyzing myself, do I have this quality? Do you have this quality?
Now days due to the technology boom, and everything available at the click of a button we are getting used to lead a comfortable life. Words like “I am tired”, please don’t disturb me, are becoming common. We don’t want to challenge our limits!!
This is where we fall. People who achieve in life challenge their limits. “ Darr ke aage jeet hai”, is the slogan which strikes me. Each day we should invest in becoming a little more “conscientious”. If we feel it is not possible, for me to finish 2 pages of work in an hour, give yourself a challenge of finishing two and a half, moving beyond the limits, so that you can reach the limit. Conscientious comes, when we understand the value of doing something, why it is important for us, how it will benefit us. Another way of achieving it is by delaying the gratification.
Have you heard how P.V Sindhu’s coach – the famous badminton player, trained her, simply by delaying her gratification of eating “ice-cream”. He kept this a goal, and she was only allowed to have it after, she won the title. Imagine how much she would be enjoying it!!!
There are many ways by which we can enhance this quality. Some of them are:-
· Get organized
· Delay or avoid your gratification –Keep it as a goal
· Start removing distractions
· Work on your will power
· Start making to-do list
· Break the work into smaller chunks
As we have our report cards, where we see our result and rate ourselves, similarly conscientious is like a scale. Keep moving forward on it. You can always have a better version of yourself. The feeling it carries is similar to the one we feel when we are in meditation. It helps us to know what I am capable of and what all I can achieve. It is “the “ingredient which will help you to become your “Super-star”. So roll your sleeves and get started.....
- Charu Juneja
(M.Sc. in Child Development from D.U.)