Again it’s that time of the yearMay 20, 2019

Again it’s that time of the year, when efforts put by students of the world’s biggest democracy are revealed. These are the days when I wonder how come, a hand-full of students out shine the others? Many questions ponder me.Has God been extra kind on them and blessed them with plus twenty four hours?
Does their moms have a secret recipe which they eat or drink? Fortunately or unfortunately the answer to all these questions is NO!
These are the learners who have gone an extra mile to achieve what they dream. When going through the interviews of all the shining stars, things which stands out loud or the common factor is their shear determination and a good control over their thought process. Even if they wish to get distracted , or exceed the time limit of their break hour, they are so brutal towards themselves that
they don’t allow themselves to have these extra perks.
So let’s see do we have those qualities which make us, stand out in the crowd and give us that extra push to achieve our goals….
Analyze yourself in these situations and answer in yes or no. There are no right or wrong answers for these questions , but it will help you to find the ways to refine yourself…
1. Do you sit without an aim to study?
2. While studying if you get lost in your dream world, you keep on enjoying it and don’t force yourself to come out of it?
3. You know your weak points but feel lazy to work on them?
4. You allow yourself the liberties of getting distracted?
5. You stick to your time table?
6. You keep on postponing your decided work of the day?
7. Do you have a habit of saying “ I will do it in 5 minutes”?
8. You have a tendency to focus or copy your peers?
9. You give up easily?
10. If a negative thought enters your brain , you tend to give in to it , rather than come out of it?
While answering these questions if you would have analyzed yourself, you would have found the points to put yourself in that “ handful club” . However, the big question remains is of putting these points into action. Believe me, once you start investing in overcoming your shortcomings, no one in this world can stop you from becoming a “ Shinning Super Star”!!!
- Charu Juneja
(M.Sc. in Child Development from D.U.)