now days kids don't read for interestApril 20, 2019

When I was growing I was told, that books are the best friends, anyosne can have. It takes you to a world, where you see things from another person's eye, live the life of characters, get the powers to lead a life of dreams.
I grew up, in the world of books. That was my era!!! Now days, we hardly see children with books. For them reading a book of interest is same as
reading a text book. Both they find boring!!
However, now days kids don't read for interest. Reading is introduced to them as a must thing to score but not as a means for relaxation or as a hobby. However, there are many benefits of reading as well, like- having a good diction, fluency increases, and your overall performance improves. Some ways by which you can inculcate the habit are:-
l Pick up one book which you like, it could be comic as well.
l Give yourself a goal of reading it, say a page daily.
l Share what you have read to others, so that they too have excitement to listen to you.
l Illustrate, what you read, this way you can create your own comics.
l Always carry a book with yourself.
l While readings try to read hoardings, this will add to your vocabulary.
l Involve other members of the family as well.
These are the few ways by which you can inculcate a good habit of reading. Reading is a kind of a habit, which produces ripple effects. It is interwoven with many skills- concentration, Vocabulary, spellings, and ultimately fluency in English which not only adds to your value, but also is one of the most important ingredients in making you a secret super-star.
- Charu Juneja