Superstar ChildrenSeptember 15, 2018

Dear kids, 
All these months you have been reading how to be a super star..
So ready to check ur skills whether you are a super star or not?
1) Early in the morning, how do you start your day?
A) With a prayer
B) Bowing down to parents 
C) Just get ready and have breakfast
2) What do you have in your daily breakfast?
A) Home made healthy food
B) Just milk
C) Fruits
D) Nothing
3) Who packs your school bag?
A) Your parents
B) Your maid
C) Yourself
4) How do you behave with your classmates?
A) Help then when in trouble
B) Fight with them
C) Ignore them 
5)How do you behave with classmates when they fight with or ignore or insult you?
A) Solve the problem patiently
B) Give back rude answers
C) Hit them 
6) How do you react when your teacher punishes you?
A) Feel Sad
B) Learn lesson and don’t repeat it
C) Later on make fun of her
7) How do you react when your Mom hasn’t made your favourite food?
A) Shout and Get angry
B) Try to adjust and eat
C) Order food from Outside 
8) How do you react when you your things are misplaced?
A) Get Angry
B) Hide from parents
C) Try to find patiently
9) Who organises and keeps your room clean?
A) Mom
B) Maid
C) Yourself
10) How Much time do you spend with your family without tablets and mobile daily?
A) 1 hr or more
B) 30Mins
C) None
You can select more than one option
at a time.
Fill in your answers and mail it us on and the super star of the month will get a special gift from Gujarat Mirror after a a quick talk of validity of answers with you over the call.