Secret Superstar

The other day I was reading an article in Hindustan times-where the “ Dangal” and “Secret Superstar”
Kid- Zaira Wasim Was revealing how living with
depression actually means to a kid who can’t figure out what actually is going on with him/her. They actually can’t verbalize what is happening to them, and parents can’t digest that depression can actually
happen to kids. According to Psychologist Priyanka Verma “There is no age for
Yes!!! It’s a fact children to go through
depression.. So, before moving further let’s see few of the signs of depression in kids:-
1. Immediate social withdrawal
2. Frequent emotional outbursts
3. Increased sensitivity to rejection
4. Change in appetite-more or less
5. Change in sleep patterns
6. Thoughts of death /suicide
7. Feeling of worthlessness
If possible we should consult an expert who deals with such issues. Besides this the ways by which we can deal are:
1. Making strong communication channels:- Make yourself a chatter box.
Whatever you think , feel say it , share it
either with your parents or siblings or friends who show mature thinking.
2. Enrolling in an activity:- This is the best way, to fight your blue. Keep yourself busy. Enroll yourself in an activity which helps you to stay calm.
3. Rigorous practice of yoga:- This manipulates your breaths to bring a positive change in your thinking and uplifts your mood. It is the best medicine to fight back depression.
4. Reducing the exposure to
multimedia:- One of the major cause of depression is the exposure to multi
media. Limiting it will help you to stay fresh and not think on monotonous lines, projected there.
Thus we can say that another way to deal with or fight back your depression is to stay strong and open to new ways of life. Our life gives us many challenges it is up to us, how we deal with them. This determines how we will take
another step tp be the super star of our lives.
- Charu Juneja
(M.Sc. in Child Development from D.U.)