How To Concentrate ?

How many times, has it happened to you , that you sit for doing a task, and your mind gets distracted towards a TV show, or song or what your parents are talking. In these situations we are stumped, and hear things like –“why do you take so long to do things”, or “you are always forgetful’. What we are referring here is our power of concentration!!! The power on which all our other skills depend. Today, our focus is on this power, to tame other powers and increase our productivity.
There are different ways by which we can make our self –more focused and enhance our concentration powers. Some of them are:-
1. Work on your Breaths:- Our concentration level is related to our breaths. The more we are in power of our breaths, the better is our concentration. So simply by doing pranayam or sit with closed eyes just for 5 minutes a day helps our brain to relax and thus increase our concentration powers.
2. Writing our thoughts:- One of the foremost reasons for our distractibility is that we are knocked down by our own thoughts. We are mainly in the process of over thinking-what will happen, what my friends will think and so on. Being pre-occupied in this, our concentration gets affected. If we develop a habit of writing our thoughts, we not only give a vent to them, but also work on a means to boost our concentration.
3. Ambience:- It plays a major role. One should always, keep a set place for doing important work-like your academic work. A particular study spot, with limited distractions will increase your speed of work.
4. Knuckle Taping:- In ancient times, in South India when people used to visit temples they used to press their knuckles on their head, this helped them not only to relax but also add on to their concentration powers.
The key to whether we want to improve our minute weaknesses, lies within us. If we are determined, to achieve, no one can stop us in this world. The same is true for concentration, if you work on it, and really want to enhance it….. then start working on it so you are one more stop closer to your own self made super star. Go for it! All the BEST!!!
- Charu Juneja
(M.Sc. in Child
Development from D.U.)