vacations come, we imagine ourselves
relaxing, sitting in front of the television, sleeping or going out on a long vacation.  Though this is the necessity of life, but when stretched for a longer duration it tends to affect our productivity and diverts our mind to lethargic living. We stop challenging ourselves to come out of our comfort zone, and when the breaks are over, we dread going back to our normal routine.
However, if we see vacations from a different perspective, where..we mix relaxation with enhancing of our skills, I bet we will look forward going back to our schools, so as to showcase our achievements. We all are blessed with a wide variety of skills, many of us even pursue them on regular bases like
going to dance class, squash class, but besides this there are many small skills which if we explore during this break and cash them , it will not only help us to develop our life skills but also help us in making our self  better person and also helpful for your education or career in future. I can say this from my personal experience! Some of the ways are:-
* If you are good at any sport , you can volunteer to coach few of your juniors during break. This will not only
refine your skill, but will even add a certificate, which can help in your higher education.
* Taking the summer to work on an internship offer 
many advantages to students.
* Maybe you think that since classes are over for the summer you should stay away from school, but now is a great time to give back what you have learned. You can offer to teach your young neighbour for a while, this will not only brush your basics, but will even add to your life skill of becoming more
* Many organizations look for  young learners to teach other  learners who are not so privileged. One can grab this
opportunity as a means to give back to society but also will give a very fulfilling feeling.
* Start a blog (there are plenty of free ones out there) and
document your summer to stay in touch with friends and family or use it as a personal journal to
capture your creativity.
* Learn to manage time. Time management can helps you complete assignments and projects more efficiently and is an
important skill to carry over to your career.
Superstars are the one who knows, how to put optimal management of
time, vacations provide us with one
such opportunity where we have to
learn the skill of balancing leisure and preparing ourselves for the upcoming year. The one who uses
it at an optimal level shines!!!!
- Charu Juneja
(M.Sc. in Child
Development from D.U.)